Flooding + Rust = disaster

Flooding + Rust = disaster

We had an enquiry from panicking homeowner this week as the house was being flooded at a rate of knots. Within minutes we got the team on it and they arrived to find an ancient galvanised water pipe that had corroded and and was flooding the house.

You can imagine the homeowners were terrified of losing their contents and were rapidly shifting things from the floor.

Here are our 3 top tips to avoid this happening in your home:

1 – Regularly check your existing piping

2 – Look for rusty coloured water when using your taps

3 – Look for restricted flow which could signify corrosion in your pipes

Fortunately this homeowner was at home when this started and could contact us for swift service to mitigate further damage.

Imagine if this had occurred while you were on holidays!

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